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The Very Real Estate Effect with Axel Monsaingeon

Self-Storage Investments with Jacob Vanderslice

In this Very Real Estate Effect Podcast episode we sit down with Jacob Vanderslice, co-founder of VanWest Partners hailing from Denver, Colorado. Jacob’s journey from single-family residential real estate to the realm of commercial properties, including adaptive reuse retail projects, paints a fascinating trajectory. The conversation takes a deep dive into the world of self-storage investing, spotlighting its historical advantages, recession resistance, and revenue stability. From his initial self-storage venture through a joint venture in 2015 to a strategic shift towards syndications, Jacob’s experiences shed light on the complexities and rewards of the industry. The discussion further explores the transformative impact of the pandemic on market dynamics, offering insights into the evolving self-storage landscape. Join us as we unravel the multifaceted allure of self-storage as an asset class, anchored in its unwavering resilience during economic fluctuations and consistent demand.

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